110 million – That’s the number of times that Ethereum has been Googled

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110 million – That’s the number of times that Ethereum has been Googled

It is hard for one to imagine what the blockchain cryptocurrency would be like if there was so Ethereum on it. The impact that Ethereum has had on the development of the blockchain ever since its founding in the year of 2015 has been phenomenal.


ConseSys, a blockchain venture production studio has given a census on the contribution of Ethereum to the blockchain. Following is their breakdown in brief.


On an average, the hashtag #Ethereum gets tweeted about 20,000 times every day on twitter. It has been referenced more than 110 million times on Google searches since the last two years. There are close to 17,000 nodes that are operating on the Ethereum blockchain across six continents. This thereby goes to make it the most decentralized platform in the world. One of the potential signs to prove this fact is that there are over 35 million unique addresses on this blockchain. On Jan 4th, the total number of active addresses exceeded by 1 million unique addresses for the first time ever, thus creating a record of more than 350,000 new addresses in 24 hours.


Not only that, but it is the only platform to date that has the most number of smart contracts being actively involved with, which makes it as one of the most dynamic tools arguably in technology as of today.


Ethereum – The largest blockchain developer community

There are an estimated 250,000 developers on the Ethereum platform, that also represents the largest blockchain developer community. An ETH development framework called Truffles had crossed more than 200,000 downloads in the month of October on 2017. The popular website GitHub cites that there have been so far 220,000 Ethereum commits and about 14,000 repositories.


Governments all across the globe are looking forward to using the potential aspects of the blockchain technology for the benefit of the nation and the blockchain that they prefer using the most is the Ethereum blockchain. Canada is testing Ethereum so as to enable their citizens to have a direct and transparent access to the usage of government grants to help address sensitive issues such as corruption and other illegal activities. In Brazil earlier this year, the nation has decided to have petitions in place on the coin’s network.


Witnessing the potential of this technology, Dubai is currently working its main aim to make it a complete blockchain powered city by the year of 2020. The potential and the benefits of this technology is so vast and so advanced, that is indeed making a revolution, a one of a kind on its own.


Various foundations, numerous business startups, and other potential organizations have joined various alliances to benefit from the Ethereum ecosystem. The most promising one so far and the most popular one of them is The Ethereum Enterprise Alliance which has expanded to more than 500 members in a single year alone. That is a phenomenal reach for something so new in such a short span of time.

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