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How to setup Bitmain Antminer Z9 Mini

Antminer Z9 mini is the latest miner from Bitmain, which mines the Equihash algorithm. In this guide, we walk you through the step by step process of setting up a new Antminer Z9 Mini using Antpool. What you need to setup a Z9 mini: Antiminer Z9 mini Power supply Ethernet cable IP Reporter application (click…
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GoByte teases their new IOS App – GoByte Pay

GoByte showcased the capabilities of their IOS App on Twitter. From the looks of it, the GoByte Pay IOS app will have the following features: Login into the app with “Touch ID” Maintain multiple GoByte Wallets Manage Masternodes An IOS app is generally considered as something that legitimizes a cryptocurrency. The GoByte community is awaiting…
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Verge XVG under 51% attack again

SuprNova Pool has now reported that XVG network is under 51% attack again. As a result of the attack, the attacker is getting all the mining rewards. $XVG @vergecurrency is once again under attack, someone is 51%’ing the chain and invalidating all legit blocks. All pools and miners suffer from this, the attacker is getting…
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Things you can buy with Bitcoin in Dubai

Bitcoin adoption is growing worldwide, Dubai is no exception. Here we present the range of items that one can get in Dubai / UAE with Bitcoin. This is more of people to people transactions rather than a list of businesses that accept bitcoin in Dubai (that’s for another time). Buy an Apartment with Bitcoin in…
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NVidia Geforce GTX 1180 rumored to arrive in July

GTX 1080ti is one of the best graphics for cryptocurency miners. The next generation of 1080Ti was announced by nVidia, but the exact naming conventions are not clear, it could be 1180 or 2080 series. The latest rumor is that the graphics cards will be released in July, 2018 according to multiple reliable sources. The…
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Bitmain Antminer Z9 Mini Equihash Miner first batch is sold out!

Bitmain’s Antminer Z9 mini announcement and sale shocked the GPU mining market since Equihash was one of the last GPU-only mineable algorithm. Bitmain had earlier listed the first batch of miners to be shipping between June 20-June 30.  The listing for the first batch miner is no longer available on Bitmain’s shop and appears to…
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Gobyte team updates their 2018 roadmap

GoByte team has tweaked their roadmap a bit on completion of some of their objectives. List of items completed in Q1 2018: White Paper published Exchange listing completed on HitBTC GoByte Web Wallet beta version published Rest of the items are postponed to Q2 2018. Update: This post has been updated with response from GoByte’s…
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Bitmain allows customers to order more than one Antminer Z9 mini

When Bitmain announced Z9 mini Equihash miners, they limited the maximum number of orders per user account to 1. Bitmain typically does this to prevent users from hoarding the miners and to allow a large number of miners to get the devices before it gets sold out. As such, Antminer Z9 was limited to one…
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LitecoinZ team announces ASIC resistance to Bitmain Antminer Z9

LitecoinZ developer has announced on BitcoinTalk that their coin will fork to be ASIC resistant. Thanks for your feedback. We are already discussing it on LTZ discord, and we will make some adjustments to be again ASIC resistant.