‘Be vigilant’ – one person behind lightning network 220% capacity spike

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‘Be vigilant’ – one person behind lightning network 220% capacity spike

Owner of Shitcoin.com and an associate of Bitcoin.com owner Roger Ver, Andreas Brekken has publicly criticized Lightning, which currently controls 35.4 BTC ($221,000) of Lightning Network node.

The entire Lightning Network, prior to Brekken’s node going live, had a capacity of only USD 225,000 with 49 percent of it being comprised by Brekken of the total network capacity at USD 427,000.

A developer wrote on one of the Social Media Platforms, “Andreas Brekken is in bed with RogerVer, he will try and rek the [Lightning Network].”

Also stating,

“He is responsible for the meteoric growth in value over the recent weeks. This is just a hunch and I hope I’m wrong and I’m sure lightning can handle what gets thrown at it. Be vigilant.”

There have been thousands of nodes that have been going live since the debut of the technology since the start of this year. There are restrictions that still remain which are a bit of a concern, however, since the Lightning’s experimental status provides incomplete security and also some very complicated user experience.

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