Binance: 1 million USD donated towards Victim Relief for floods in West Japan

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Binance: 1 million USD donated towards Victim Relief for floods in West Japan


The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange have pledged to donate USD 1 million for the victims who have suffered the terrible floods in West Japan. In an official post, the crypto exchange platform had stated,

“To help out the victims in West Japan that were affected by the heavy rains on 7/7/2018, Binance is donating $1,000,000 USD and calling for our crypto friends and partners to join us in the relief initiative.”

Japan had been hit with rainfall that was quite unprecedented earlier this Saturday that caused massive floods and landslides. According to a report from BBC, there have been more than 60 people who have died and there is more than a dozen of them that have been missing ever since.

Binance has urged their users to donate to the cause and mentioned this in their official post:

“Send ETH or ERC20 tokens you want to donate directly to the Binance donation address 0xA73d9021f67931563fDfe3E8f66261086319a1FC”

The founder and CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, had tweeted out even to the crypto community to donate to this address. He stated, “The exact logistics would be figured out shortly and his team is contacting local authorities to figure out final delivery logistics. Given the short time, we had to keep this very simple for this time. We will build something more systematic later.”

He also mentions, “Projects which donated to the cause would get “bonus points for future listing requests” and that they might consider the donation towards the listing fees.”

So far the Ethereum wallet that has been earlier mentioned over here has received about $90,000 worth of ETH and $1.05 Million worth of ERC-20 tokens as of writing.

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