Bitcoin Could Hit $60,000 This Year according to Crypto Wallet Founder

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Bitcoin Could Hit $60,000 This Year according to Crypto Wallet Founder

Ethereum co-founder and founder of the ConsenSys blockchain software company, Joseph Lubin said that, “Ethereum developers are focused on building infrastructure and that the community is not preoccupied with price.”

He also said that, “any price movement – up or down – is good for Ethereum since it draws attention to the Ethereum ecosystem from technologists and entrepreneurs, all of which drives its value.”

Co-founder and president of TenX, a crypto wallet, Julian Hosp, had earlier told CNBC during the RISE tech conference that he, “expected to see bitcoin’s price fall to $5,000 when it reached its December highs, and remains confident that a $60,000 price this year is feasible.”

Hosp also did mention that, “A major positive event will be needed to achieve the $60,000 price this year. Such an event could be a country making a positive announcement about bitcoin or a bitcoin exchange-traded fund coming to fruition.”

Also, he did admit that if such an outcome is likely to happen, then the price of the Bitcoin should cross the USD 10,000 figure mark by the month of August. If this happens, then the media coverage will be positive and then the price of the cryptocurrency will go well above the USD 60,000 mark as predicted.

Since the last 24 hours, Bitcoin has been struggling to rebound from USD 6,350 in spite of seeing some positive indicators.

But overall, as a whole, the crypto market has been unable to see any improvements since the last 48 hours. And after observing the rate at what the cryptocurrency has been going through there is likely a chance that it can go well below the USD 6,000 mark.

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