Bitcoin Gold BTG to fork away from Antminer Z9 Mini Equihash miner

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Bitcoin Gold BTG to fork away from Antminer Z9 Mini Equihash miner

4th May 2018: We will not allow that to happen – BTG team

On the Bitcoin Gold website, BTG team issued a response to the miner. Apparently, they are going to either modify the equihash algorithm or move to a different algorithm altogether.

ASIC-resistance is central to our mission. Bitcoin Gold, BTG, was conceived while watching the struggle between ASIC miners and the rest of the Bitcoin community. The fundamental reason for BTG’s creation was to help wrest back the crypto space from the relentlessly monopolizing tendencies of ASIC mining. How? By returning mining power to commodity hardware that is more universally accessible to people around the world: GPUs, or “graphics cards,” which nearly anyone can acquire and use.

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3rd May 2018: BTG team Update on Twitter

Bitcoin Gold team has officially announced on twitter that they will be forking to prevent the Antminer Z9 from mining BTG. BTG is adopting a stance against ASIC as their main policy is to avoid centralization, ie, 1CPU1VOTE.

BTG’s team stated “BTG’s purpose: counter the centralization and control of mining by ASIC/specialty hardware. Our purpose has not changed. We WILL UPGRADE our network to counter them! Money spent on special hardware to mine BTG will be money lost.”



2 Responses

  1. Styg says:

    A couple of comments…
    1. Bitmain has already mined the crap out of your coin. The only people you will be impacting are the individuals that would rather spend $2000 for an ASIC versus $4000 for graphics cards.
    2. When you say “Money spent on special hardware to mine BTG will be money lost.” are you also talking about Nvidia Volta cards and new graphic cards to be released? Those have or will have much better hashrates on your coin.
    3. Are you at all concerned about the security risks and possible issues that could come from a Hard Fork or Algo change.
    4. Did I mention Bitmain already made there money on your coin.
    5. Your idea of keeping your coin accessible to the common miner is a false assumption based on old tapes. Your real miners that actually mine your coin, do so for profit and not some altruistic value. If the single GPU miner could get another GPU or 10 they would.
    6. Did I mention Bitmain already mined the crap out of your coin.

  2. Mike says:

    Well there is some American company making asics. Are they as bad as the Chinese? Or they have different Ethics? By the way holding on on grafics cards made for gaming is making the whole business mining look anserios. Adapt to new developments or disappear. Some day soon your hobby 500+ mining farm will be worthless as you can not stop the progression of development. Still if you are able no one will take cryotos add small passage of hobbies dreaming of a peaceful world. Think about it. Etics are here to stay.

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