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Bitcoin’s price rally hits new record, crosses $ 5,000

Bitcoin’s price rally is the new spark in the cryptocurrency’s world and today. And now, this spark seems to lit fire with the new price record that it has set. Bitcoin’s price has crossed an all-time high $5,000. The “digital gold” is now worth not less than four times as much as an ounce, which…
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Bitcoin price rallies to $4,600. Analysts warn volatility ahead.

The previous weeks have been a “game changer” when it comes to Bitcoin’s price. The crackdown in China and other markets, vulnerability to being hit by a fork and shift in ‘big players’ of the cryptocurrency market are all that have contributed to the price swings in the BTC-USD market. Monday witnessed a surge of…
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Bitflyer launches Bitcoin ATM Card

Bitflyer, Japan’s largest Bitcoin exchange has launched it’s exclusive Visa Prepaid Card. This Bitcoin ATM card is reloadable through Bitcoin wallets or mobile apps that will be displaying the balance in terms of Yen. The cards have been made available to the customers from 6 of October with zero sign up and annual fee. The…
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Chinese Bitcoin exchanges most likely to be resumed

After the “cryptocurrency trade freeze” announced by China, previous month, the Chinese government is likely to resume cryptocurrency soon, but with strict regulations in place. Last Thursday, the chief executive of BTCChina, Bobby Lee said that the cryptocurrency trade has updated its Know Your Customer (KYC) system along with anti-money laundering system and is now…
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China Bitcoin ICO ban Ethereum

China bans ICOs, triggers price fall across all cryptocurrencies

China has officially banned all ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) by ruling ICOs as illegal fundraising, forbidding all Chinese companies from creating ICOs. Chinese government has instructed all companies that has raised funding through ICOs to refund all the money raised by ICOs to their investors. Ethereum, being the primary currency through which most ICO fundraising…
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Bitcoin ATH

Bitcoin reaches new ATH (All-Time-High) of $4900

On 2nd September, Bitcoin (BTC) reached a new All Time High value (ATH) of $4900. Bitcoin is currently on the verge of reaching $5000. The likely reason for this rally could be the activation of Segwit (Segregated Witness) that was activated during August. It is speculated that the price increase is linked to a possible…
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Bitbay India

Bitbay India launching in Aug with support for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and more

Bitbay, a Polish crytocurrency exchange is launching in India as Bitbay India during August and will allow users to trade in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Lisk, Monero, Dash and Gamecredits. Bitbay will launch commercial operations on Aug 24th. Bitbay currently processes 0.26% of the total Bitcoin global trade and has an userbase of 2,00,000. Bitbay plans…
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Hacker hacks Unocoin, grabs emails, sends fake ICO emailer

In a bizarre turn of events, Unocoin, India’s largest Bitcoin exchange sent out an Unocoin ICO emailer to all its users. Hours later, Unocoin announced that hackers had sent the fake ICO emailer. Here is the email that users received: Unocoin was quick to react. They sent the below email to users warning that the…
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Segwit Locked-in : Activation on 21st Aug

Segwit (Segregated Witness) has been locked in and is currently under activation. The activation is expected to happen on 21st of Aug. Once activated, Bitcoin transactions will be confirmed faster by the network and will be able to support a large number of users. SEGWIT LOCKED-IN! – ACTIVATION PERIOD: SegWit activation this period? YES! Activation expected…
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Citibank India closes customer’s account for purchasing Bitcoin

According to a report by a reddit user, Citibank India allegedly closed the bank account of its user since he used his bank account to buy Bitcoins on Zebpay, a mobile Wallet in India. While the legal status of Bitcoin is uncertain in India, as the government is deliberating over its usage, there is no…
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