Bitmain allows customers to order more than one Antminer Z9 mini

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Bitmain allows customers to order more than one Antminer Z9 mini

When Bitmain announced Z9 mini Equihash miners, they limited the maximum number of orders per user account to 1. Bitmain typically does this to prevent users from hoarding the miners and to allow a large number of miners to get the devices before it gets sold out. As such, Antminer Z9 was limited to one piece per user.

As of 11th May 2018, this restriction is lifted by Bitmain. Bitmain now allows upto 50 Antimer Z9 per user.

3. To ensure that more individual buyers can purchase miners in this batch, we have set a limit of 50 miner per user. 

Is Bitmain really enforcing the limits?

Even when Bitmain tries to limit the number of miners per user, many users work around this restriction by simply creating more accounts on bitmain website using different email Ids and addresses. At the same time, users should be cautious about creating multiple orders since there has been several reports that Bitmain does verify if a user created multiple orders and has cancelled such orders.

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