Corporate Bank Accounts to EU Crypto Firms offered by this German Bank

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Corporate Bank Accounts to EU Crypto Firms offered by this German Bank

The cryptocurrency and the blockchain firms have been shunned by many in the industry and for a very long time in the European Union. Now, these very same firms can breathe a sigh of relief.

The German based bank in Berlin, solarisBank has now attained the licenses that are necessary to help cryptocurrency and the blockchain firms to open a business account with them, but only for that are operating in the European Economic Area. The companies within this space can open the account using fiat currencies. The account will be named however as ‘Blockchain Company Account’.

There is also another very helpful product by the solarisBank known as Automated Trust Account. This account is nothing but an automated cryptocurrency marketplace escrow account. What this does is help to ease the exchange in the buying and in the selling of the fiat currencies on the global cryptocurrency marketplaces and exchanges.

Peter Grosskopf, the chief technological officer of solarisBank says that, “This will enhance security and convenience, especially when linked with wallets and marketplaces.”

He also wrote in a blog post,

“The next logical step is to connect our digital banking and debit cards solution with exchanges and wallets, so partners can create their own crypto retail banking experience. These accounts significantly reduce the risk to their end-customers and make the trading and possession of cryptocurrencies not only more convenient but also more secure,”

solarisBank is not the first bank to be offering such services. All though this is something that is revolutionary to offer such bank accounts to firms in the European Union, Liechtenstein’s Bank Frick for instance, has been conducting business with other firms in the crypto sector for some time now.

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