Create Ethereum Wallet on

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Create Ethereum Wallet on

Setting up a Ethereum (ETH) wallet on is a fairly easy and straightforward process. The purpose of this post is to educate the best practices while creating a wallet and to guide non-techie users.

1. Visit

Always make sure that you visit the proper website. There was a phishing hack in July 2017 by some miscreants. Always check for https at the front of the URL. will open as in below screenshot home page, as of July 2017 home page, as of July 2017

2. Type your password and click on “Create New Wallet”

Make sure that you provide a strong password. It is recommended that you create a lengthy password with atleast 10 characters. Save this password carefully. Recommended to use Password organizers such as Keepass.

3. Download and Save the Keystore file in a safe location.

MyEtherWallet Keystore file

MyEtherWallet Keystore file screen

Do not lose it! It cannot be recovered if you lose it.
Do not share it! Your funds will be stolen if you use this file on a malicious/phishing site.
Make a backup! Secure it like the millions of dollars it may one day be worth.

4. Save your Private Key

Save the private key in a safe location.

5. Unlock your new wallet

Use the key file or simply copy/paste the private key to unlock the Ethereum Wallet.

6. Access your Ethereum (ETH) Wallet

MyEtherWallet- Inside the Wallet

MyEtherWallet- Inside the Wallet

Safety note:  Always check the UR or Use a bookmark while visiting your Do not click on links shared by others via email, forums or sms etc.


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