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Interview with David Sapper, CEO of Blockbid

Blockbid is an Aussie Crypto Exchange. Earlier in June Blockbid, the aussie startup had come up with a new risk management and identity verification system that substantially reduces the risk of identity fraud. David Sapper, Blockbid CEO is very experienced tech industry founder who has successfully exited two companies that he had founded. CCN had…
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Vitalik Buterin:  Hope Centralized Exchanges ‘Burn in Hell’

The Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has already stated that he would love to see the centralized cryptocurrency exchanges “burn in hell as much as possible”. At the TC Sessions Blockchain 2018 event on July 6 in Zug, Switzerland, he had made these remarks. Responding to a question from the host on whether decentralized exchanges will…
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Colombian Banks Shutter Accounts of Domestic Cryptocurrency Exchange, is one of the largest markets of cryptocurrency, in South America. They have provided gateways to keep up with the growing technology, through Bitcoin, Ether and other digital assets. But according to, have faced a huge blow as many Columbian banks including, Davivenda, BBVA, as well as Bancolombia, have closed down’s accounts.…
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Ripple added to BitOasis exchange

Earlier this Sunday, BitOasis the Dubai-based cryptocurrency exchange announced that Ripple would soon be joining the league of tradeable cryptocurrencies on their website. Consequently, XRP Ripple witnessed a price boost. BitOasis’ announcement Founded in 2014, Bitoasis has glued its place amongst the most promising UAE-based startups. Before Ripple joined the list, the cryptocurrency company allowed…
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Mashreq Bitoasis

BitOasis stops funds transfers to/from Mashreq Bank

In an announcement within the Bitoasis platform, Bitoasis has advised its customers that Mashreq Bank has stopped working with BitOasis for making fiat deposits and withdrawals. BitOasis has not provided any reason for the disconnect with Mashreq bank, nor given any information about whether Mashreq Bank will be available in future.  

New restrictions on depositing fiat into BitOasis

Bitoasis has recently introduced a slew of new restrictions on depositing money into the account for purchasing Bitcoin or Ethereum. First off, total deposit value has been reduced to a mere AED 20,000 per week. Next, for online transfer to BitOasis: Next, for credit and debit card payments: Next, trading exchange is disabled for users…
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Hacker hacks Unocoin, grabs emails, sends fake ICO emailer

In a bizarre turn of events, Unocoin, India’s largest Bitcoin exchange sent out an Unocoin ICO emailer to all its users. Hours later, Unocoin announced that hackers had sent the fake ICO emailer. Here is the email that users received: Unocoin was quick to react. They sent the below email to users warning that the…
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Unocoin to refund stolen bitcoins

Unocoin, India’s largest Bitcoin wallet and exchange had earlier disabled all users from logging in, due to unauthorized movement of bitcoins from Unocoin user’s wallets. Unocoin had acknowledged the issue on twitter and said “few users have lost 0.25” bitcoins. Unocoin has now accepted the blame for the theft of bitcoin in its wallets and…
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Unocoin hacked, Bitcoins stolen, all user logins frozen

Unocoin, India’s largest Bitcoin wallet has been hacked and reportedly a few users has lost 0.25 BTC. Apart from few txns of 0.2505 BTC each,our server has stopped the txns & are in pending state. It will be cancelled/refunded as appropriate. — Unocoin (@Unocoin) August 6, 2017 At the time of writing, Unocoin has frozen…
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BitOasis disables Ethereum (ETH) withdrawals as ETH price touches Dh978

BitOasis has disabled withdrawals of Ethereum from the trading exchange today, when the price of Ethereum has touched Dh978 on the exchange.   At the time of writing, no explanation was given by BitOasis for the restriction. We have reached out to BitOasis for further information. This post will be updated when BitOasis responds.  …
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