Expedia Driving Users To Alternative Sites Since It Stopped Accepting Bitcoin

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Expedia Driving Users To Alternative Sites Since It Stopped Accepting Bitcoin

Expedia is one of the largest travel and tour platforms that had accepted payments via Bitcoin as early as 2014, but very recently they have quietly stopped accepting Bitcoin or any other form of cryptocurrency. This now forces users to start searching for alternative travel sites.

It has been reported as of by July 2nd by Marketexclusive.com that, “An Expedia spokesperson confirmed the company would not accept bitcoin for hotel or flight bookings and that it was evaluating alternative payment options. The spokesperson said the company apologized for inconveniences because there had been no advance notice of the change.”

The report has also noted that Expedia had been facing “frequent problems with bitcoin payments, including customer dissatisfaction about the payment process timing out, a hectic refund process, and some customers finding they needed to pay with their credit card even after they paid in bitcoin.”


This is a sudden discovery than a news to all of us as Expedia did not mention to anyone on any platform, even on their very own website that they have officially stopped accepting Bitcoin or other forms of cryptocurrency in the form of payments. It was not also mentioned on the first quarter of their financial report.

Some say that Expedia has stopped accepting the payments in the form of cryptocurrencies with the reason being that Coinbase, their trusted payment processor, had a new merchant tool that was introduced in order to change the custodial merchant services.

Now many users have been moving to other travel sites to book their flights and other travel needs such as booking a hotel room and such as they these sites still accept payments in the form of cryptocurrencies. One such site is Cheapair.com. All though this site is not as big or as popular as Expedia.com, it is now gaining traction due to its payment method.

Travel websites that accept bitcoin include Destina.com, Abitsky.com, Btctrip.com, Fluege.com, Nurflug.de and Agencciadeviajesvirtual.com.

Airlines that accept bitcoin include Airbaltic.com of Latvia, Flypeach.com of Japan, Fat.com.tw of Thailand, and Cebupacificair.com of The Philippines.

Gift cards that can be used to pay for some airlines include Gyft, eGiftergiftoff, FlightGiftCard, Bitrefill.com.

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