Get Litecoin Cash (LCC) on Coinomi Wallet NOW!

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Get Litecoin Cash (LCC) on Coinomi Wallet NOW!

For Litecoin holders with Coinomi Wallet, Coinomi has provided a way to claim your Litecoin Cash (LCC) even though the official Coinomi wallet support is not released yet.

We reached out to Coinomi and found out that support for LCC is already rolled out in Beta version.


Coinomi also confirmed that it is safe to use this method to get LCC support immediately and there is no need to make any other change in future. The process is simple,

  1. Visit the Google play page for becoming a beta tester and click the “Become a Beta Tester” button. Make sure you are signed into your Google account of your android phone while you do this:
  2. Open Google Play on your phone (with the same google account) and check for updates. Coinomi will automatically update.
  3. Open the Coinomi app, Add Litecoin Cash, Select “Advanced Settings” and input the derivation path as follows: M/44H/2H/0H

Add Litecoin

Coinomi Wallet with LTC

Here is confirmation from Coinomi that the procedure is safe.


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