Hacker hacks Unocoin, grabs emails, sends fake ICO emailer

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Hacker hacks Unocoin, grabs emails, sends fake ICO emailer

In a bizarre turn of events, Unocoin, India’s largest Bitcoin exchange sent out an Unocoin ICO emailer to all its users. Hours later, Unocoin announced that hackers had sent the fake ICO emailer.

Here is the email that users received:

Unocoin Fake ICO

Unocoin Fake ICO Email  – Subject: Unocoin ICO is live! Buy Unocoin tokens and get 25% bonus

Unocoin was quick to react. They sent the below email to users warning that the ICO email was indeed fake.

Unocoin’s warning email

The fake ICO website appears fully functional and looks professional as well.

Unocoin Fund Fake ICO Website

Unocoin Fund Fake ICO Website

With the rise of the cryptocurrency economy, we can expect more of such scams. Users should be cautious with their cryptocurrency and do their due diligence on all ICOs.

Update: Users have pointed out that Unocoin was not hacked, but their email vendor was. Here is a relevant update from Unocoin:


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