Learn Bitcoins Basics: 7+ Best Resources on Internet

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Learn Bitcoins Basics: 7+ Best Resources on Internet

More people have come to realize the good in the cryptocurrencies, even though there are a few disadvantages and insecurities about it. But the government in a few countries, as well as laws, are allowing the usage of cryptocurrencies, thus making it more approachable for many new users.

Earlier, we had mentioned all the important terms or terminologies involved in the crypto world. If that has been clearly understood, then the next step could be to move forth with the various resources on the internet that could provide you with more and more knowledge.

A person could utilize just one resource, or he could compare with many others mentioned below. Anything that could make his understanding better and easier.

In order to make the most out of it, just sit tight and read on.

  • Bitcoin Courses – There are various courses on the internet and many are free courses as well. Few have video lessons, mock tests, and few even give you a certificate.
    Here are two of the famous websites/apps which have easy courses which make the learning process of bitcoin simpler.
  • Coursera’s Bitcoin Course: Coursera is one of the most well-known as well as one of the most widely used websites for thousands of courses. And one among them is the course on Bitcoin. There are different levels of courses under Bitcoin itself. For example, if you want to know specific areas and not just the entire Bitcoin lecture, well Coursera provides you with many options to choose from. The teaching includes videos, quizzes as well as projects.
    It also provides a platform to discuss/debate over the concepts as well as to ask doubts.
    The link provided above specifically shows the Bitcoin course from Princeton, which is taught by Professor Arvind Narayanan.
    The course includes the following topics –
  1. Bitcoin Mining
  2. Bitcoin’s effect on Politics and Community
  3. Bitcoin Mining
  4. The Cryptocurrency Ecosystem with other Bitcoin-like currencies
  5. The future of Bitcoin

  • Udemy’s Free Bitcoin Course: This course is created by Charles Hoskinson and Brian Góss. It includes 8 hours to complete the entire course, which consists of 6 hours of on-demand video and 2 hours of on-demand audio.
    It also consists of 1 supplemental resource which has a full-time access on the laptop, desktop, mobile phones or even TVs.
    It covers over 24 lectures gets to the core of Bitcoin. There are over 80,859 students enrolled. It still has a rating of 4.6 after so many users which is incredible.
    And yes, it does give you a certificate of completion once you successfully complete the entire course.

The course includes the following topics –

  1. The Basics of Bitcoin
  2. How to acquire Bitcoin and spend them
  3. Bitcoin Mining
  4. The Economy of Bitcoin
  5. An understanding of Cryptocurrency and Cryptography to understand the technology better

  • Bitcoin News and Bitcoin Blogs – Another well-known method to understand about bitcoins is through the blogs or news articles on various websites. Literally, there are plethora of websites through which you can get your daily updates. This is proven to be one of the most easiest and convenient resource for gaining knowledge within a short duration of time as it involves everything that happened, and stuffs that would happen regarding bitcoins. Few major sites are –
    • Bitcoin Magazine : Bitcoin Magazine is the oldest and most established source of news, information and expert commentary on Bitcoin, blockchain technology and the digital currency industry along with the current updates.
      Since 2012, Bitcoin Magazine has provided analysis, research, education and thought leadership at the intersection of finance and technology.

Bitcoin Magazine is the first publication devoted exclusively to Bitcoin. Founders Mihai Alisie and Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum, published their first issue in May, 2012 and later joined forces with Orlando, Florida-based Coin Publishing LLC to produce 22 issues. BTC Media acquired Bitcoin Magazine in 2015.

    • Coin Desk: CoinDesk is the leading digital media, events and Information Services Company for the crypto asset and blockchain technology community. Its mandate is to inform, educate and connect the global community as the authoritative daily news provider dedicated to chronicling the space.

Founded in May 2013, CoinDesk reaches over 10 million unique visitors who come back 50 million times a month.
It also has the most widely sourced Bitcoin Price Index, with The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, and others incorporating the BPI charts into their reporting.
These research reports go in-depth regarding the technology and the repercussions of Blockchain. This is what you read to identify opportunities.

    • Bitcoin Market : Unlike the other websites, Bitcoin Market is solely a statistics based website. It provides blockchain statistics which shows the real-time price details of the Bitcoin. Along with the prices, it also involves charts of the bitcoin prices in the past 24 hours.

This gives insight on the trend in the pricings of the bitcoin. lends out information on various fields like ‘Total Miners Revenue’. This gives you a number which is nothing but the amount of money that the miner have made (in USD).

  • Bitcoin E-books – Few people like to read a lot; but instead of spending time and sometimes money on certain online course, they would want to read about bitcoin. Such book-lovers could either buy books or save money and opt for e-books.
    One such e-book is Mastering Bitcoin.
    It’s a great resource and involves everything that there is about Bitcoin. Every topic is clearly discussed in detail over a total of 416 pages.
    The e-book costs about $25 (Amazon Kindle – $14) but there are free online versions as well, as shown in the link.

  • Wikipedia – One of the first search on Google almost every time leads to Wikipedia. But Wikipedia has made a separate website for Bitcoins especially, and it is known as The Bitcoin Wiki.
    It is a great resource which has inter-connecting links on each page, i.e. every search that you do on the website has many inter-links which could lead you to many more topics and hence gain more insight on each topic clearly.
    It’s broken down into several categories such as Myths, FAQ’s and more. All you have to start off with is just by clicking on Getting Started. This would lead you to a step by step guide on how to go about with your Bitcoin knowledge.
    Among all the sections, the FAQ one is the most effective one as it answers all the Questions or doubts that you would have on your mind.

  • LinkedIn Slides – The SlideShare provided by LinkedIn has been very informative in the recent times. There are many slides which can gives a nice presentation about all that you need to know about Bitcoin or Blockchain. And the pictures tend to make you remember certain topics better as well as faster. It also has a platform to discuss all of your doubts / questions.
    One such example is Block Chain 101 and why it matters by Ernst & Young. This has about 18 slides which tells a lot about the Blockchain that is run behind Bitcoin. As an added advantages, it also has a video at the beginning which gives an insight into the whole Blockchain system. So for those who think reading slides are boring but still want to gain knowledge, then he can just watch this video or many more videos on YouTube as well.


  • Social Media Websites – As many already know Social Media could also be very informative. Here are two such platforms –
    • Quora – Quora is one the best platforms to find answers for almost anything. The information is typed out by various simple people as well as by few reputed people, so it’s easily understandable. And the answers which are posted can be well verified since it depends on the number of views, the comments, etc.
      Quora does have a lot of discussions on Bitcoin as well. One of them is What is Bitcoin.

The most advantageous fact about Quora is the timeline as even if it is an old post you
still get updated answers from many people in the recent times.

    • Reddit – Reddit is also a great way to get updates on various matters including Bitcoin.
      Reddit’s Bitcoin, is a very informative place. It not only involves details about Bitcoin by people but it also includes the most recent updates or news related to the topic. It is a really simplified platform to understand certain topics.

Here is a bookmark of all the best Reddit channels related to Bitcoin.

Both Quora and Reddit are available as apps for mobile phones as well.

  • Bitcoin Podcasts – A podcast, or generically net-cast, is an episodic series of digital audio or video files which a user can download and listen to.
    There are quite a few podcasts related to Bitcoin as well. Two such examples are –
  • Let’s Talk Bitcoin – This site provides a platform wherein a lot of discussions related to Bitcoin can be seen. Much like any social media sites such as Quora, this too has a platform to discuss about various doubts/questionss that you may have.
    It basically explains certain topics in a technical way as well as in a very easy and relatable manner.

  • The Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast – This is a podcast platform which provides various audio clips of many people straight from that particular field, i.e. Bitcoin.
    It covers Bitcoin, Blockchain as well as Fintech and many other topics. Since it involves audio clips, so it wouldn’t be boring for all those non-readers, and at the same time you could gain a lot of knowledge about the Bitcoin industry.




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