Binance listing includes Nano

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Binance listing includes Nano

Nano, formerly RaiBlocks finally gains Binance listing today. Users will now be able to trade in nano via Binance, the cryptocurrency trading platform.

Nano had till now been circulating on niche exchanges and has now gained Binance listing. The official announcement regarding the same was made at 2:48 GMT, this Friday. As of now, Nano coin is circulating at 133,248,289. Unlike other digital coins, Nano coin can neither be mined nor is it decentralized.

“NANO/BNB, NANO/BTC and NANO/ETH trading pairs are now available on Binance for trading. 
You can start depositing and trading NANO now.”-Binance.

The official Binance website  introduces Nano, lists the fee, and the trading rules concerning Nano trade on the platform. The current trading fee for Nano is 0.1% However, it may further be reduced to 0.05% if BNB has been used for making paying the transaction fee. No fee will be charged for depositing the crypto coin. However, the website states that withdrawal fee may vary and will be adjusted regularly in accordance with the blockchain conditions.

How is Nano different?

Introduced in 2015 as RaiBlocks, it has recently been rebranded as Nano . The technology behind this cryptocurrency is what creates the difference in the community. It is aimed at hitting the central problems of the cryptotrade- turtle slow transactions consuming high power.

Technically, the blockchain technology behind Bitcoin results in “ever-expanding digital ledger” that keeps the transactions waiting and also consumes enormous power. However, this central problem has been hit and rectified by the innovative technology behind Nano which allows users to have their own blockchains which can be “asynchronously” be updated on the network. All this results in instant transaction speed and reduced overhead.

The two critical events in XRB community; rebranding to Nano and gaining of Binance listing are expected to influence the fate of Nano greatly. However, whether or not these events reap fruitful results is still a question.


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