New restrictions on depositing fiat into BitOasis

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New restrictions on depositing fiat into BitOasis

Bitoasis has recently introduced a slew of new restrictions on depositing money into the account for purchasing Bitcoin or Ethereum.

First off, total deposit value has been reduced to a mere AED 20,000 per week.

BitOasis fiat deposit limits

Due to increased demand, fiat deposits to BitOasis exchange have been temporarily reduced to 20,000.00 AED/week in order to meet the increased activity of our new and growing customer base. We’ll be restoring the limits very soon. We really appreciate your patience and understanding!

Next, for online transfer to BitOasis:

Funds should be transferred from a bank account under your name.

Next, for credit and debit card payments:

When using your debit/credit card please ensure that:
(1) you use a card issued on your name and not to a third person.
(2) you will use only one card for your payments at BitOasis and not multiple cards.
(3) you will not use a card issued by a bank outside the GCC zone

Next, trading exchange is disabled for users who haven’t uploaded their government IDs.

Trading Exchange restrictions on Bitoasis

Trading exchange is no longer available for unverified users. Please verify your account to continue trading. You can still withdraw your coins. To cancel your open orders, please contact our support.

While these restrictions could be placed for the safety of the users or the transactions, many users took to complain about the restrictions placed. One user also pointed out that once an user tried to use another credit card, BitOasis will never accept any other credit card from that user.

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