Open announces partnership with Kucoin

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Open announces partnership with Kucoin


OPEN had a private sale few days back, in which they were quite successful with more than $250 million.
They did realise that most of their members were unable to take part in the sale. And hence, this was very important as they had to provide the members of the OPEN community to get an opportunity as soon as possible in order to support OPEN.

OPEN has already few top-tier partners such as DHVC / Danhua, Sora, Draper Dragon, as well as NEO. Thus, the support from these partners as well as from the members of the OPEN community, has helped OPEN to announce about their new partnership with KuCoin –

“OPEN will be listed for trading today at 10:00 AM and is excited to offer supporters an opportunity to buy OPEN tokens at such a reputable cryptocurrency exchange.

Starting today at 10 AM Eastern, you will be able to buy and sell OPEN tokens on KuCoin with either Bitcoin or Ethereum.”

What was the need for this Exchange announcement?

OPEN already provides a LIVE Scaffolding product that is available, along with it a long line of integrated partners and blockchains, which tends to on-board their platform. Hence, it made this announcement in order allow a platform where both developers, as well as users, get to purchase the OPEN tokens. These tokens can be used within the OPEN network.

OPEN provides a way to interact among the OPEN’s interoperable Scaffolds. And this new partnership with KuCoin would enhance the sale to much greater heights.

Thus, as OPEN clearly realises, their centralised exchange partnership with KuCoin as well as their latest Developer Growth program could very well be a huge turn over for OPEN.

What does OPEN have to say about this news?

OPEN says the following as a part of their announcement –

“This is just the first of many! OPEN is happy to have our first official listing partner, KuCoin, and hope to ensure that all supporters have a chance to join OPEN as they continue their mission of advancing the blockchain space to be increasingly scalable, versatile, and adoptable.

Once again, thank you to all of you for supporting OPEN! This major win wouldn’t have been possible without all of your support. Be on the lookout for more exciting updates and developments to come.

The future is OPEN!

For more information about OPEN please visit To purchase OPEN tokens on KuCoin, click here.”

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