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Bank Indonesia warns against buying, selling, and trading of cryptocurrencies

Central Bank of Indonesia issues warning regarding cryptocurrency trade. The warning has been issued on grounds of cryptocurrency’s volatility and vulnerability to being used for illegal purposes. The bank Indonesia also urges traders and parties to refrain from buying, selling, and/or trading in any of the cryptocurrencies. Press release Bank Indonesia has always been skeptical about…
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JioCoin – Reliance Jio to launch its own cryptocurrency

Reliance Jio has already gathered many followers by offering unbelievably free offers and super-competitive tariffs. This time, it is planning to launch its own cryptocurrency, named JioCoin. About JioCoin By launching Jio with super discounted plans, Ambanis have already created a mark in the telecom sector. This time, Mukesh Ambani and team is planning to…
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KFC Canada presents Bitcoin Bucket- accepts Bitcoin for chicken

.KFC Canada introduces Bitcoin Bucket that allows customers to pay for their special chicken bucket via Bitpay. About the deal KFC in Canada announced that it will be accepting Bitcoin for its finger-licking entry in the menu, Bitcoin Bucket. This bucket includes 10 chicken tenders, waffle fries, gravy, aside, and two dips. However, this doesn’t…
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Why Bitcoin Crashed?

The value of Bitcoin went down by nearly 23% over the span of 2 days sparking mass panic. Image Credit: Coindesk Multiple articles have been written documenting the hysteria amongst the investors and to try to make sense of why the crash happened. These theories range from logical to downright conspiratorial. So, we have combed…
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Mashreq Bitoasis

BitOasis stops funds transfers to/from Mashreq Bank

In an announcement within the Bitoasis platform, Bitoasis has advised its customers that Mashreq Bank has stopped working with BitOasis for making fiat deposits and withdrawals. BitOasis has not provided any reason for the disconnect with Mashreq bank, nor given any information about whether Mashreq Bank will be available in future.  

Bitcoin price swing continues

This week has been no less than a surprise for Bitcoin enthusiasts as Bitcoin price hit a new record.The bigger news is that the value tumbled and hit it the top back again. This twist began with $12,000 on Tuesday night, crossing $ 15,000 on thursday , nearly hitting $19,000 before finally dropping down to $14,000…
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Bitcoin price hits another record: crosses $ 15,000 in just few hours of hitting $ 14,000

Bitcoin price surge hits $ 15,000, its all-time high on Thursday says Coinbase and Bloomberg. Few hours before this, the value of the cryptocurrency was $ 14,000 and in no time, the price hike surprised everyone. In October mid, Bitcoin’s price rally hit a new record of $ 5,000 and now, the value surged by incredible…
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Nicehash hacked – $62 million worth BTC lost

Nicehash, the cryptocurrency mining marketplace NiceHash has been hacked, its team announced Wednesday. Posting on social media, NiceHash said that “there has been a security breach involving NiceHash website” resulting in a loss of funds. NiceHash, formed in 2014, serves as a marketplace for miners to rent out their hash rate to others. Nicehash website…
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[Working] How to Claim Bitcoin Gold with Coinomi – Step by step procedure

Bitcoin Gold Wallet [BTG] on Coinomi has now started working with the block height being at 499992. We have working confirmation that the claiming procedure is now working. Here is the step by step procedure to claim Bitcoin Gold. Note that this assumes that you have exported your private key prior to the Bitcoin Gold…
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SegWit2x suspended

Milke Belshe, the CEO of BitGo announced this Wednesday that the plans concerning SegWit2x have been canceled for now. The impact of this news could be seen on the price of Bitcoin that showed an all-time high of about $7900 USD. The hard fork was proposed to upgrade Bitcoin, primarily by increasing the base block…
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