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Bitcoin gold launching on Sunday

Bitcoin Gold (BTG), the improved variant of the Bitcoin is set to launch this Sunday, 12th November 2017 (19:00 UTC). The official Bitcoin Gold’s website announces that they: “will provide the Bitcoin Gold full node client download on our website. The BTG blockchain will officially be live, with blocks mined openly by users and pools…
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Cryptocurrency marketcap crosses $200 billions!

As a consequence of the bull run in progress with all cryptocurrencies, the total market capitalization has crossed $200 billion. This number reflects the confidence and power of the cryptocurrency space and all its supporters.     Bitcoin Cash (BCH) gained the most (+16.6%) and reached a value of $669.

TabTrader, Nanopool, Cryptonit, and Cryptal merges into Finom

TabTrader, Nanopool, Cryptonit, and Cryptal merged this August to form the largest blockchain corporation, named FINOM. These four companies were individually, the players in their respective mining and trading markets. In August 2017, they announced the merging into a single blockchain tech giant through a press release. The company strives to stay dynamic and take blockchain…
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Samsung upcycles old Galaxy 5S handsets into Bitcoin Mining Rig

Samsung has always been a blockchain technology enthusiast.  This time, it’s “upcycling” initiative resulted in making of an efficient Bitcoin mining rig out of 40 old Galaxy 5S devices. The Samsung’s Bitcoin mining rig runs on a new operating system that has been developed to upgrade the old phones at its e-waste store. Samsung’s Bitcoin…
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Singapore has no plans for regulations but has an “open mind” attitude

Singapore seems to have no plans to regulate cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin but country’s central bank will still implement anti-money laundering controls. Earlier, China, Korea, and many other leading players expressed their growing concerns surrounding cryptocurrency trades. And now, Ravi Menon, the Managing Director at Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) expresses similar concern by stating…
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The State bank of Mauritius to introduce Bitcoin loan and Ethereum loan

Mauritius’ second largest bank, the State Bank of Mauritius (SBM) announced that it will be accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum as collaterals for the loan. The SBM is up to kick-start this Bitcoin loan and Ethereum loan service in collaboration with the FinTech company- Secured Automated Lending Technology(SALT). SALT’s say on Bitcoin loan and Ethereum loan –…
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Ethereum Byzantium fork locked in, software upgrade influences the market

At 05.22 UTC, October 16 saw locking of Ethereum Byzantium fork at block 4,370,000. Consequently, the price surged by about 6 percent for Ether.It is the fifth hard fork to occur on Ethereum. The software upgradation is aimed at enhancing the platform through a batch of Ethereum improvement protocols (EIPs). About the Ethereum Byzantium fork…
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Bitcoin’s price rally hits new record, crosses $ 5,000

Bitcoin’s price rally is the new spark in the cryptocurrency’s world and today. And now, this spark seems to lit fire with the new price record that it has set. Bitcoin’s price has crossed an all-time high $5,000. The “digital gold” is now worth not less than four times as much as an ounce, which…
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Bitcoin price rallies to $4,600. Analysts warn volatility ahead.

The previous weeks have been a “game changer” when it comes to Bitcoin’s price. The crackdown in China and other markets, vulnerability to being hit by a fork and shift in ‘big players’ of the cryptocurrency market are all that have contributed to the price swings in the BTC-USD market. Monday witnessed a surge of…
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Bitflyer launches Bitcoin ATM Card

Bitflyer, Japan’s largest Bitcoin exchange has launched it’s exclusive Visa Prepaid Card. This Bitcoin ATM card is reloadable through Bitcoin wallets or mobile apps that will be displaying the balance in terms of Yen. The cards have been made available to the customers from 6 of October with zero sign up and annual fee. The…
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