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Segwit Locked-in : Activation on 21st Aug

Segwit (Segregated Witness) has been locked in and is currently under activation. The activation is expected to happen on 21st of Aug. Once activated, Bitcoin transactions will be confirmed faster by the network and will be able to support a large number of users. SEGWIT LOCKED-IN! – ACTIVATION PERIOD: SegWit activation this period? YES! Activation expected…
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Citibank India closes customer’s account for purchasing Bitcoin

According to a report by a reddit user, Citibank India allegedly closed the bank account of its user since he used his bank account to buy Bitcoins on Zebpay, a mobile Wallet in India. While the legal status of Bitcoin is uncertain in India, as the government is deliberating over its usage, there is no…
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Bitcoin Accepted Here

Bengaluru restaurant starts accepting Bitcoin

Bitcoin adoption is growing steadily all over the world. A restaurant in Bengaluru is the latest merchant to start accepting Bitcoin payments in India. Suryavanshi restaurants, located at Indiranagar and Whitefield now accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. Since starting the experiment, the restaurant has had only one payment made with Bitcoin, which took…
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Ethereum Jobs

Tech giants IBM, Microsoft & Visa hiring Ethereum developers

Amidst all the talk of Ethereum gaining significant momentum, major companies such as IBM, Microsoft and Visa are hiring Blockchain developers specifically with Ethereum expertise. The job postings were pointed out by reddit user econoar on this reddit thread.     Are you a blockchain developer looking for some cool freelance blockchain projects or remote working…
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Ethereum Icon 3D logo

Ethereum crosses $300, touches $317

Ethereum (ETH) has been rallying for the past few days and finally broke through $300 limit after several months. The price rally caused certain interesting ATH (All Time Highs) all over the Ethereum Network. Ethereum transactions per day, Ethereum Network hashrate and Ethereum Block rate difficulty have hit an all time high today.

Unocoin to refund stolen bitcoins

Unocoin, India’s largest Bitcoin wallet and exchange had earlier disabled all users from logging in, due to unauthorized movement of bitcoins from Unocoin user’s wallets. Unocoin had acknowledged the issue on twitter and said “few users have lost 0.25” bitcoins. Unocoin has now accepted the blame for the theft of bitcoin in its wallets and…
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Unocoin hacked, Bitcoins stolen, all user logins frozen

Unocoin, India’s largest Bitcoin wallet has been hacked and reportedly a few users has lost 0.25 BTC. Apart from few txns of 0.2505 BTC each,our server has stopped the txns & are in pending state. It will be cancelled/refunded as appropriate. — Unocoin (@Unocoin) August 6, 2017 At the time of writing, Unocoin has frozen…
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BitOasis disables Ethereum (ETH) withdrawals as ETH price touches Dh978

BitOasis has disabled withdrawals of Ethereum from the trading exchange today, when the price of Ethereum has touched Dh978 on the exchange.   At the time of writing, no explanation was given by BitOasis for the restriction. We have reached out to BitOasis for further information. This post will be updated when BitOasis responds.  …
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Ethlance - Ethereum based Freelancer Portal App

Ethlance – Ethereum based freelance marketplace

Ethereum Apps Showcase : Ethlance Ethlance is a freelance marketplace built on top of Ethereum smart contracts and freelancers and employers can use the platform to work without worrying about paying any processing fee. Yes, Ethlance takes 0% commission on the payments being processed. And, the payments are all in the form of Ethereum (ETH).…
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Bitcoin rising up

Bitcoin breaches $3100

Bitcoin is rallying hard today, rising from 2865 on Aug 4th to 3120 on Aug 5th! Multiple speculated reasons for the rally include: Large Bitcoin Cash holders cashing out their Bitcoin cash (BCC) into Bitcon (BTC) Anticipation of Segwit lock-in