Pro blockchain Howard Schultz to exit Starbucks

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Pro blockchain Howard Schultz to exit Starbucks


The CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz, who is an anti-bitcoin, pro-digital currency individual has recently mentioned his intentions to exit his role at Starbucks and has considered to get into politics. This is the latest according to CNBC. Schultz has denied the rumors that have been circulated in the past about him running for President, but he has been quite active over the past years in supporting causes that were political.


He mentions that he is more concerned about the standing that the United States currently has in this world and about the divisions that keep increasing in America. Howard Schultz had informed his employees that he is weighing in his options and that includes public service and philanthropy.


History in Politics

Schultz had donated USD10,800 to the Clinton’s fundraising committee in the year of 2016. This year he donated an amount of USD 1,250 to the campaign of Washington Democratic Sen. Maria Cantwell’s campaign and another USD 5,000 to VoteVets which is a progressive political organization.


Howard Schultz had mentioned in 2017 that they would hire 10,000 refugees in a span of five years right after Trump had announced an executive order to have the refugees blocked from some of the Muslim majority nations. He also told his employees that Trump has caused a major chaos for the US economy after having made that statement.


Against Bitcoin, but not all Cryptocurrencies

Shultz is all in for the cryptocurrency, except he is not a big fan of Bitcoin, going to state that bitcoin is not a legitimate currency earlier this year. But he also said that the digital currency has a big role to play in the cashless future. Also, being a fan of the blockchain technology, he stated that the distributed ledger technology has more uses besides cryptocurrency.


Pointing out to Burger King Russia and Kodak in his statements, he mentions clearly that Starbucks is not going to roll out their version of cryptocurrency the way the others like he mentioned have done.


If the rumors that are running around are true in which he is going to run for his planned presidential run, then the blockchain industry will have to keep a much keener eye on the run.

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