Ronaldinho to develop 300 digital VR stadiums by launching cryptocurrency

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Ronaldinho to develop 300 digital VR stadiums by launching cryptocurrency

The Brazillian football star, Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, better known as Ronaldinho is now aiming to launch his new ambitious project which is on cryptocurrency that aims to focus on creating a football academy and host global and amateur league matches from around the world. He looks to develop and operate a betting platform as well and develop digital VR stadiums that will enable one to analyze and assess the skills of the player and also wants to compile a database solely on blockchain technology with which it will create new teams.

His ambitious stadiums with world class facilities is aimed to be built in 300 locations around the globe. Some of the countries that are already lined up in his plan are Africa, South East Asia and the Middle East in the span of the next three years. He sees tremendous growth in these countries.

The name of the project has been named after him, of course. It has been titled as the Ronaldinho Soccer Coin, previously it was named as the World Soccer Coin before the partnership with the player had been inked. The project is now about to enter into its ICO phase. He had mentioned about this project earlier this year via twitter to his 18.1 million followers.

The plan shows that there shall be two stadiums that shall be built this July and that the operations for these two stadiums shall commence by the end of this year. There also has been an alliance that has been formed with the other major 5 already existing stadiums in South East Asia. The project is set to enhance the eSports aspect with further development in Virtual Reality and other virtual technological services.

In March of 2019, the Ronaldinho Academy shall be launched.

“Ever since I thought of retiring, I started to think about my life after retirement. I wish to contribute to the world as much as I can”, said Ronaldinho.

Although there have been other football players to have entered the crypto arena well before him, Ronaldinho in arguably one of the most sought-after players during the peak of his career as well as one of the most high-profile sports player to have entered the cryptocurrency project.

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