Spam calls and SMSes being curbed using blockchain by India’s telecom regulator

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Spam calls and SMSes being curbed using blockchain by India’s telecom regulator

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is seeking to use the blockchain technology in order to reduce the number of telemarketing spams that occur on a day to day basis via cell phone calls and SMSes.

This initiative is a one of a kind initiative. With the blockchain technology, the TRAI is currently looking in to secure the contact information cryptographically of hundreds of millions of users in order to ensure privacy. Only those telemarketers that are registered under certain specific conditions are those that shall have the access to such sensitive information.

The chairman of TRAI told the reporters, “Blockchain will ensure two things — non-repudiable [record keeping] and confidentiality. Only those authorized to access details will be able to access subscriber details and only when they need to deliver service… TRAI will become the first organization to implement this kind of regulation.”

The blockchain ledger will also record all the communications that are taking place between the telecom companies and the subscribers in order to capture the users’ content for communication. The draft rules require that the consent is given by the subscribers before having received any communication of whatsoever. The end users also have the freedom to review their consent or have it revoked at any given time.

In order to protect the safety of the subscribers who have given their consent for the purpose of communication, the draft has proposed that it will prevent the misuse of unsolicited repeated calls, which can be very frustrating if not looked into such matters.

The ‘Telecom Commercial Customer Preference Regulation’ draft will be open for comment until June 11. The deployment of the regulatory framework will be first deployed in a regulatory sandbox, where the users can choose to agree or disagree to receiving spam or have it blocked altogether in order to test the efficiency of the solution.

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