UCASH rises 400%+ in a day, reaches #22

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UCASH rises 400%+ in a day, reaches #22

UCash, a recently launched cryptocurrency which aims to bridge the gap between fiat and digital currencies shot up by 400% today, since its launch on 10th Feb, 2018. UCash currenlt holds the #22 position on coinmarketcap.com and currently trades at $0.17

UCash Charts - Price and Marketcap

UCash Charts – Price and Marketcap (click on image to enlarge)

What’s so special about UCash?

UCash has the conceptĀ  of Converters, that can convert Cash into Digital currencies or vice versa. Sounds similar to localbitcoin or localethereum, but for all currencies. This is certainly an important currency to watch out.

Retail Converters
Commercial stores and individuals offering conversion services from a fixed location.

Mobile Converters
Person to person converters available to meet users and convert

Online Converters
Remote services for online conversions

Get UCash for free

UCash is giving away free bounties for completing certain tasks such as signing up and verifying. These bounties are currently worth $133. Go here for a detailed guide.


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