Vitalik Is Being Cautious Of Online Voting Using Blockchain Technology

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Vitalik Is Being Cautious Of Online Voting Using Blockchain Technology


On 6th of June, 2018, Vitalik Buterin, who is the co-founder of Ethereum and Bitcoin Magazine, tweeted on his official Twitter account about the effectiveness of the blockchain technology used in Online Voting.

What was the issue?

A recent news story broke out regarding the first state in the United States, West Virginia, which has allowed Online Voting through blockchain technology in the primary elections.

This news made many people discuss, wonder and debate whether the blockchain technology, which is being implemented, is effective or not.
One such person was Vitalik, who made sure to tell the world about the threat which could come about if the blockchain doesn’t contain the specific techniques to achieve good privacy as well as the security of the Online Voting system.

The current voting system has its flaws in the registration of identities, and hence poses a huge risk of an attack of 51 percent to the blockchain network which is involved.

Few people compared the online voting system in countries such as Estonia, where the blockchain technology was indeed successful. But people like Vitalik know the importance of privacy, processing of the information as well as security, all of which must be executed in the right manner for the Online Voting system to be completely successful.

Potential Blockchains for an effective Online Voting

According to Vitalik’s words, as well as for the betterment of the crypto world the following blockchains must be considered since they could be the potential collaboration to achieve an effective Online voting system.

  • Privacy

    Governments must use one of the blockchain technology platforms for verification of the identities provided by the voters. One such platform is Civic.
    It allows few services such as the identity verification directly on the platform. The verification is done in a way such that the voters pay the validators in CVC, i.e. Civic Tokens. This then validates or confirms all the information such as D.O.B, name, employment, etc.
    Civic then stores the references or the attestations to the personal data on the blockchain; also in Civic another good feature is that the identities which are validated, are encrypted later for the purpose of privacy.
    (Click here to know more about Civic.)

  • Security

    Obviously, the system must be secure. With the ever-growing threats of cyber-attacks, Governments must keep the system secure by involving a community of Sentinel Protocols. This crowd, would hence, provide threat intelligence from cybersecurity experts.

  • Validating outside Information

    – In order to find out if the candidate is worth your vote or if he’s trustworthy, the government could use iCash.
    The information about the various candidates could be validated completely using this iCash technology (Proof of Trust Protocol), before accepting him into the voting contract.


Hence, one must know that, Online Voting is among the most important use cases for the blockchain technology which needs to be perfect in order to be accepted without any criticism.

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