[Working] How to Claim Bitcoin Gold with Coinomi – Step by step procedure

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[Working] How to Claim Bitcoin Gold with Coinomi – Step by step procedure

Bitcoin Gold Wallet [BTG] on Coinomi has now started working with the block height being at 499992. We have working confirmation that the claiming procedure is now working.

Here is the step by step procedure to claim Bitcoin Gold. Note that this assumes that you have exported your private key prior to the Bitcoin Gold Hardfork that happened on 25th October, 2017.
1. Install Coinomi app  on Google Play Store and launch/open the App

2. Add Bitcoin Gold Wallet within the App by selecting the left menu and then “+Coins”
Add Bitcoin Gold Wallet on Coinomi
3. Select Bitcoin Gold from the list of Wallets

Coins list - Bitcoin Gold

4. Provide a description and a password for your wallet and then save your secret recovery seed safely.

5. Open the Bitcoin Gold Wallet’s “Balance” screen, select the top right menu and then select “Sweep Wallet”

6. Enter Private Key and then select “Next”. Confirm on next screen to send the BTG to your Coinomi Wallet

7. Receive the BTG on Coinomi BTG Wallet

That’s it! Enjoy your Bitcoin Gold!


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