World Cup: Few real opportunities to pay with cryptocurrencies

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World Cup: Few real opportunities to pay with cryptocurrencies

Currently, the FIFA world cup is being held in Russia and it highlights some the world’s best football players and gives everyone also the opportunity to know more about the life in the country that is hosting the World Cup. There have been hundreds of thousands of fans that have to come to the host city just to watch the matches live. And while the fans are there, they will eat good food in good restaurants, go and stay in some of the best hotels in the world and also a club in some great clubs, as well as buy some great souvenirs for themselves to take back home.

This could be the World Cup, a global event where cryptocurrencies can gain traction as a payment mechanism despite not being regulated by the Russian government in any way. Let’s find out.

There was a restaurant called Valenok that specialized in Russian cuisine. This was also one of the very first restaurants in Moscow that accepted Bitcoins as a form of payment methods. One of the restaurant goers who came here had paid in Bitcoins as early as last year and was covered by the media and the press extensively.

CCN had a word with one of the restaurant employee named Viktoria working over there. The conversation went as follows: “Hello, I would like to reserve a table for me and my friends from Serbia, but there is one nuance: they would like to pay using bitcoin.” She paused for a brief moment quiet unexpectedly and then replied, “I know for a fact that we have accepted bitcoins several times in the past, but I have to ask whether we can do so right now,” she said and went to discuss with the manager. Viktoria returned in less than a minute and apologized saying ruefully, “We are not taking cryptocurrencies right now, but you can pay with a card or with cash. We may start accepting digital currencies again at some point in the future, but I have no idea when that might be.”

Not losing heart, CCN moved to LavkaLavka, a farmers’ cooperative that advertises the possibility to pay for products using bitcoins on its official website. The store manager there had mentioned, “Unfortunately, we are temporarily not accepting bitcoins. On the Internet, you can pay for any product using our native cryptocurrency BioCoin. It can be purchased on an exchange or received as a bonus on each purchase depending on the amount of the bill.”

The next place was to one of the Pivoteka 465 chain of craft beer and cider bars and stores.

When asked the waiter the same payment option, they replied back saying, “Sure, you can pay here in bitcoins. We will generate a QR code for you at the cash register, and you can debit the required amount from your electronic wallet using your smartphone.”

And that is exactly what had been done. The most popular drink in Moscow had been purchased using cryptocurrency. What a success!

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