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Top 10 Messaging Apps for Windows 10

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Top 10 Messaging Apps for Windows 10

Many people have started switching to PC instead of using Mobiles for chatting, but those who are still stuck with mobile because they don’t know a good Messaging app for windows. So for them, I will be telling you the Top 10 Messaging apps for Windows 10.

Whatsapp for Desktop

Whatsapp application of Facebook(Now Meta) is one of the famous texting and calling software used in mobiles. So why not Desktop? Whatsapp for Desktop’s interface is not so different from its mobile version so even if you haven’t used it before, it will not be so hard to learn.


Discord is very famous texting and calling software made for both Android and PC. Discord is software used particularly by gamers as it allows a lot of connectivity options that are compatible with any device. So if you want messaging software for you and your group, you can try this out. It also has different kinds of servers which can be used to find interesting stuff of your liking.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook is a very well known app that we all know about and it gives pretty handy features as a messenger. Like you can share any type of documents on the chat, it can share 200 MB of data and takes no external network from your data.


I am sure you have used it once, well it is not much of a difference in PC. The interface is easy to understand just like Whatsapp and in this, you will already have the people’s chat named as per their contract. Telegram also has these servers and channels on various types of topics which you can join as per your liking.


The line is one of the most used messaging apps at this time. It got famous due to many features of it like it is a cross-platform app which makes it easy to use for all, and that here you can follow other accounts, including celebrities.


Messenger is another app developed by Meta for messaging. It provides options like unsend text, sending files of any type, and also as it is connected to Instagram, you can reply to others’ stories in messenger. But the only loophole of this app is that you need an Instagram account to use it, so you won’t be able to use it if you don’t have one.


WeChat is another fast-growing app that is great at Network management and cross-platforms talk as you can chat from one Windows PC to an Android, iOS, and even other OSs’. It can also share your location like iChat.


Viber is a great app for messaging on the desktop if you are looking for any, the above-given apps are on this list because of their popularity but Viber proves why it is on the list. It provides a group chat of 250+ members limit, it also enables you to switch between devices, a feature not many messaging apps have. So because of these unique features, Viber is highly recommended as a PC Messaging app while not being so popular.


I know many of you have heard the name ‘Skype’ but have never used it. So for them, Skype is one of the oldest Messengers on Windows, so it was necessary to include it. For some unique features, on Skype you can go on Video calls with up to 24 people with no issues, the uploading speed of skype is very fast and it allows you to share up to 300 MB of documents.


Slake is not a messaging app for a person but a whole company. This app is made so that you and your work colleagues can take care of work together and is made for that kind of work. It doesn’t give many unique options like others but this app is made for taking care of your work which it handles nicely.

So these are the top 10 Messaging apps for Windows 10.

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