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Best PDF Reader Apps for Android



Best PDF Reader Apps for Android

PDF is the format of documents that is used everywhere in the world, and the devices which open these types of documents are mobile phones. But you can’t just randomly trust and download any PDF reader app, it might get a virus with it on your mobile. So that’s why we are here to tell you the best PDF reader apps for your Android.

Adobe Acrobat

The company that invented the PDF document format also has their PDF reader which we all are aware of. Adobe Acrobat was developed in 1993 by the Adobe company as a PDF reader for PC, it later got launched on Android 2010. It is the most famous PDF reader app for Android. Through a standard free plan, you don’t get many options but after you get Adobe Acrobat Pro, your options are unlimited.


CamScanner is not particularly a PDF viewer but a PDF scanner, but it also gives many options to edit documents like a rewrite, comment, format change etc. many others. It was launched in 2011 and became one of the most famous PDF scanners to date. There are many other PDF scanners like Adobe Scanner and Microsoft Lens, but they were not able to come on the level of CamScanner as a PDF scanner.

Foxit PDF Editor

Foxit PDF editor is an app that is available on both PC and Android and it gives many options for viewing and editing a PDF as per your wish. It was launched in 2008 and was not so famous at that time. It gives the option to rearrange, delete and add pages and also gives options like comment, watermark, font size, font change, text colour change etc. many useful options.

WPS office

WPS Office is a great File editor for Android. Although it is made for opening any type of document, we are going to see what all options it provides for a PDF document. Firstly, it can convert any type of file into PDF, spreadsheets and presentations too. Then it provides the option to mark or comment by any other account with who you shared your document. It also gives you the option to rewrite and delete text as per your wish.

So these 4 PDF readers are the best if you want to open them on Android, I am not ranking them in any way because you can choose whichever PDF reader fits your condition.

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