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Best Music Software Production Software in 2022

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Best Music Software Production Software in 2022

Music is food for the soul of music lovers and many music enthusiasts are nowadays producing their music.
Those days are gone when you required professional help as now it can simply be done on your PC or Mac, with help of DAW (Digital Audio Workstations). The entry of DAWs has proven to be a boon for music creators, it makes everything easily accessible and simple that a rookie can give his best to create nice music.
There are countless digital audio workstations in the market and competition for the best remain the debate.

To rest the confusion among various DAWs here is the list of some best DAWs available and you could choose according to your preferences as all have different features from the other,

Apple logic pro

Logic Pro is one of the best music producing software on market. The DAW is best suited for Mac and provides amazing performance.


Price: $200
Working systems: macOS 10.13
Versions: Standard

It provides creative tools for beat-making, mixing of songs and songwriting, various instruments offer high-quality sounds.

Abelton Live

Abelton Live is the most common music producing software. The first version of software came out in 2001. As the name suggests it come useful in music live performances as offers a great option of mixing beat-match songs. It is also used by DJs because providing easy arranging and crossfading options.


Price: $99
Working systems (mac) – macOS10.13, 8GB RAM, Intel Core i5 processor
Working systems (PC) – Windows 10, 3Gb to 76 GB disk space for installation
Versions: suite, standard

The new updated version Live 11 brings many new features that were missed out in the previous version and the DAW remains a favourite of music composers.

PreSonus Studio One

Studio One has been at the top of DAWs for many years as it is among of best music producing software, it provides new features for creating music such as score editor, volume automation. The workflow of software is very smooth and convenient to use and for creators, it proves to be very beneficial.


Price: $100
Working systems (Mac): macOS 10.13, minimum 4 GB RAM, Intel Core i3 processor
Working systems (PC): Windows 10, Intel Core i3, 4 GB RAM
Versions: Artist, professional


The above mentioned are some of the best DAWs available in market with different and unique set of features. If you are willing to make music at a great pace you can buy any of this DAWs for the best best performance.

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