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One day, I was working on my laptop. My laptop has the Windows 10 system. I, suddenly, could not edit my files. I took it to my cousin, a software engineer. She suggested that there were privacy issues with my laptop. She then informed me about various Windows 10 privacy tools. Let us have a look at t;he best ones:

Advanced System Optimizer:

It is not purely a privacy tool. It optimizes the performance of a Computer by repairing the errors within it and making it work smoother and faster. This tool can scan the whole Windows system.


It is very simple to use, because it only has one screen to navigate through various options. It contains many add-ons that permit the customizing of privacy control panel. The user can set Macros, block websites as well as search engines and hide history using this software. Even remotely controlling one’s computer is as option. After launching the program every time, it has the facility of scanning the computer for any additional data you might have chosen to add in your privacy tool.

O & O ShutUp 10:

It rids you of malware which has the potential to cause severe damage to the computer. This can also rid any kind of cookies left on the system due to uninstalling programme. Any malicious software would also be hindered from entering the PC.


Blackbird deletes unwanted cookies and aids in tracking web surfing. Any unnecessary cookies are also deleted. However, you don’t need to restart your system for using this software.

Defencebyte Privacy Shield:

It helps to remove browsing on the internet, clear PC file history as well as software traces. Moreover, it provides trustworthy protection against hacker and spammers. It permits you to maintain invisible passwords utilizing ‘file shredder’.

Gillsoft Privacy Protector:

It was formed for people who are required to encrypt important information on digital devices to save it from third parties. If this app wasn’t there, national security would be an issue. You have the ability to limit access to data.


All these apps have various technologies to protect privacy of their users. Thy deal with multiple privacy issues. In today’s highly digital world, it is important to have one of these apps with you.

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