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Free Android Malware Removal Apps

Android Malware


Free Android Malware Removal Apps


Once, my best friend was fretting over an issue. It seemed that her phone had been hacked. I told her to download a free android malware removal app. At first, she hesitated. She did not believe in the effectiveness of such apps. Then, however, it worked. Her phone was finally free of hackers. Let us look at a few of such apps:

Sophos Intercept X for Mobile

We may get spam calls or infected links. Spam calls spoil our mood and can sometimes, be exceptionally dangerous. Infected links may lead to the hacking of our devices. The app restricts calls and searches text message for infected links. It scans the messages using a QR scanner. It has some anti-theft tools. Using these tools, we can locate the thieves and get back out phone. These tools basically permit you to reset your password, wipe important data, access your stolen phone and track the location of your phone. If your phone has screen lock, resetting the screen lock password can render your phone useless to the thief.

Avast Antivirus:

It contains ‘data shield’. This ‘data shield’ protects photos, contacts and other types of important files from view or access by hackers and unauthorized apps. It blocks the phishing schemes. Maximum of its tools are shown on the center and dashboard front. That’s why, it is very easy to use.

Avg Anti Virus Free:

This app contains a type of photo vault. This photo vault encrypts files. These encrypted files can’t be hacked / accessed without permission. It’s VPN connection conceals device location as well as information from internet trackers and adds. That further prevents privacy breach.

Bitdefender Free Antivirus:

It scans the device for malware using it’s Autopilot feature. It searches files deeply on replaceable SD cards. While its working, the system of the device doesn’t slow down. This is a benefit if you don’t have much time in hand. After the scan is completed, Bit defender notifies you. This makes it appear as extremely user-friendly. It is affordable as it is available free of cost.


These were the best free android malware removal apps. Many other such apps are available. It is download to have at least one of such apps on your phone. Say goodbye to malware!

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